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by Roderick MacDonald


Who hasn't wondered what would happen if aliens were to visit our planet? MacDonald explores the thought processes of these extraterrestrials and how their visit could affect us.

From Alien Psychology...

Whatever possibilities existed in the past, we are here now and our species – humanity – is a comparative newcomer at an age of only sixty thousand years. Stretching away into the past are several other humanoid species that existed a lot longer than us and then became extinct. It even appears to be the case that our species, and the Neanderthals, almost became extinct about forty thousand years ago. Both seem to have survived an environmental cataclysm which reduced their numbers drastically, leaving only small gene pools from which others would continue. This event could have been something volcanic in nature, perhaps triggering a nuclear winter on top of existing ice ages. We are lucky to be here! Imagine what would have happened if the humanoid species had all been wiped out? Would intelligent life (that’s supposed to be us) ever have developed on earth again? Probably, the answer to that is yes, but not for a hundred million years or so until conditions for this type of evolution returned.

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