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A LIKE Affair
by Trish Dozier

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

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Aly and Justin are having an affair – a LIKE affair. They are destined, or perhaps just determined, to spend the rest of their lives apart in togetherness.  Seated beside each other on an otherwise uneventful flight, they fall into each other, setting the stage for decades’ worth of personality rustling and growth.

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From A LIKE Affair...

   So, she caught me. “I apologize. I was annoyed because of everything surrounding you, and I made you my target. Some days, no matter what I might think of myself, I’m just an ass. And by the way, this ass is Justin.”
   She tuned in completely and I almost would’ve rather had her pissed off at me. Instead, it was as if my apology was a dam opening. Precisely in that moment I noticed her glance at my ring finger as an afterthought, not with the obviousness that I was accustomed to. I’d read at least a dozen articles that equated the disappearing eighties shedding new light on women grabbing their own ‘private parts’ and taking a much more independent stance. I couldn’t tell where she fell into that spectrum, but I liked Aly’s blend of femininity and assertiveness, but once I caught myself staring, I decided to keep those thoughts to myself for the time being.
   Her voice seemed so full and familiar to me as she talked, like we had entertained countless conversations prior to this.

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