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by Elena Iglesias

Climb aboard, hold tight, and take flight with Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly into the spectacular adventure that lies within us all.

From Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly

“Good morning,” said Butterfly. “Hello, Butterfly,” answered Aloni Gabriel, puzzled. “I’ve come to take you on a trip with me.” “Me? But my mommy won’t know where I’ve gone.” “Don’t worry,” laughed the butterfly. “She knows me from her childhood when we used to travel with Peter Pan. I know she wouldn’t mind if you came with me for a while.” Aloni Gabriel, who was always up for an adventure, decided to trust the white butterfly. “I’m first going to bathe you with Mrs. Flower’s magic pollen so you will become small like Tom Thumb and be able to hop on my back.” So it came to be. Aloni Gabriel then jumped high and made himself comfortable on the butterfly’s back.

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