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The Bonding Twin

by Leland Smithson


Twin brothers, twin destinies, but only one will survive their alchemical transformation and ascension into the realm of eternal life and angels.

From AMALGAM: The Bonding Twin...

   He bit his lip and glanced around the cafe. Some unusual people were sitting here, any one of which could be Zale. They probed him with quick little glances as if trying to chip away his veneer to get at his essence. There was a middle-aged sketch artist, an impassioned young incarnation of some beat poet in a time warp, then an old man working out the bugs of some very large manuscript. All of these eyes were the eyes of people who thought they knew something, though they only knew the cafe. Their discriminating glances were not discerning, he realized, only self-absorbed, which others read as enlightened.
   ‘The great transformation will supply the means...’ flared into his reflections, once again unnerving him. Of all these people, his brother fit the genius profile; so how could Rudd have changed so radically, believe so strongly in such weirdo-mystical beliefs. Was he suffering psychosis or demonstrating some new undiscovered frontier?

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