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A Phil Allman, P.I. Novel
Book 2
2nd Edition

by Brett Wallach


Someone killed Allman’s ex-wife… and that someone may be Private Investigator Allman himself.  Through twists, turns, and several other murders, the Philadelphia police force comes to believe that Allman is the likely killer.

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From And I Love Her...

Kim Basinger was unquestionably one of the most beautiful actresses to emerge during the last quarter of the twentieth century.

But when a TV interviewer suggested as much to her ex-husband, actor Alec Baldwin, he looked mystified and said, “That’s what people tell me.”

Divorce, especially when children are involved, can transform these people that we once loved, that we still love, into monsters. The question is whether I had the capacity to kill the beast.

I met Cheryl Diodato in a bar seventeen years ago. That was the beginning of the end.

Book 3 - Young Blood

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