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Oberon - Book 9
by P.G. Forte

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

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There are some wounds that time can’t heal. There are some dreams that won’t come true. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, shadows have their ending. And the love you’d just about given up on returns.

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From And Shadows Have Their Ending...

   “Seth? Is that you?”
   A girl’s soft voice pierced through the angry haze of his thoughts, startling them into flight. His mind wiped blank, Seth was surprised to notice that his wandering feet had come to a halt. When had he stopped walking? Why had he stopped? And what was causing his heart to pound so fiercely in his chest?
   “Seth?” That voice again. Warm. Worried. Familiar. His heart twisted in pain as he recognized the sound.
   “Deirdre?” He turned his head to stare in appalled disbelief at the face that had haunted his dreams for two years. At shiny brown hair and bright blue eyes—things he’d told himself he despised. At a smile more hesitant than he’d remembered, but just as sweet. At a bod that he’d claimed in a thousand horny fantasies. “Oh, Jesus.” This could not be happening. “What are you doing back in Oberon?”

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