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Vol. I
Angels, Demons & Mortals

by Stacy Thowe

~ Available in Paperback ~

Tasked as Alexandria’s protector in perilous times, Michael is torn between his heavenly world and Alexandria’s world, even as Cainan, now fallen from grace, exercises his powers to tempt Michael to the Underworld.

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About THE GUARDIANS: Angels, Demons & Mortals...

.... We knew you were one of our Assigned because we were brought to you.
   Some I was able to help, but others just seemed to give up. Evil had a large presence on Earth and we were constantly at war. I did not look forward to the day that we would be sent away… the day when Earth would be consumed by the Underworld. But today, we continued to fight.
   We had gone through years and years of battle. We Guardians were a special form of angel. We were protectors, soldiers of the Light. And I had been assigned to you. There was a myth that there was usually one human that touches you more than most, one that gives you strength through their presence. I was unsure if this were true. We were not supposed to get attached. We loved and we left. But as you grew, I found it harder and harder to break myself away. I felt like a traitor, but I could not seem to help myself. I stood in silence, waiting for you to call me back. Afraid of what I may find.

Volume II - At Hell's Gate

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