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Hawkman - Book 8
Angels in Disguise
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

~ Available at Amazon KDP ~

A P.I., his wife, cancer, a missing mother and a kidnapped girl. You'll see a side of Hawkman never revealed in this powerful novel.

From Angels in Disguise...

   Jennifer sat down at the kitchen bar, unfolded the sheet and read the list aloud. “Bathing suit with matching jacket, seven pairs of bikini panties, four lace uplift brassieres, silk robe with matching negligee and scuffs, three sets of shorts, a pair of designer jeans, three packages of hose, two silk blouses, and two pairs of shoes.” She raised a brow and glanced at Hawkman. “Judging from these items, I’d gather this woman had a jaunt planned with a man.”
   “Why do you say that?”
   “Because of the sexy nightgown and underwear.”
   “Even if this is her normal attire, would those purchases still indicate a trip?”
   “I think so, because she’s practically replenished her wardrobe. My guess is she’s taking a cruise or going to a warm place because of the bathing suit and shorts.”
   “Hmm. Interesting. I found no airline or cruise ticket purchases on her credit card.”

Book 9 - In for the Kill

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