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by Joe Freitus

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Take musket in hand and step back into early Colonial history to a place called Groton, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Samuel and Rebecca Reed  were among the first English settlers in 1655 who would go on to successfully endure the hardships of the frontier, raise two children and survive the brutal King Philip War.

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From A Place Called Groton...

   Despite the rain, there for all to see and appreciate were several foot prints deep in the soft sand. These were recently made by moccasin shod hunters. [John Tinker] carefully checked the soggy leather flintlock cover and took a deep breath. Failure of the flint and powder due to the intense rain was not an option at a critical moment like this.
   The small band of weary traders had struggled for three days of hard paddling, pushing and dragging canoes in shallow water, portaging over and around a multitude of fallen trees, to travel from the frontier town of Lancaster, Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Lancaster (Nashua) River was not one of the open free running rivers of Europe; this was the raw, untamed New England frontier. Laboring with the paddles they barely averaged five or six miles a day. No European hand had as yet tried to tame this wild, tree-cluttered, unruly river and place the traditional patchwork of English farms in its rich bottomlands. It was a matter of time.

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