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Moon Void of Course
by Laura Lynn


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Ariel McManus is a stay-at-home mom who finds herself alone as her husband’s drive for success supersedes all else. Her one consolation is the astrology business she runs above her garage, but soon Ariel is forced to face truths about her failing marriage and her innermost desires in order to reclaim her life… and her identity.

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From Ariel's Office: Moon Void of Course...

   "You guys should really let her do your chart; it’ll blow your mind.” He takes a swig of beer.
   “Chart? What kind of chart?” asks Marcia.
   “Astrological chart,” I answer reluctantly. I know Josh doesn’t want me to go down the astrology road with them. “It basically tells you what sign each planet was in during the time of your birth, and where each planet was in the sky.”
   “Really? Why would you need to know that?”
   Josh is beginning bristle. But it was his mother who brought up astrology, not me. And now that we’re into the conversation, it would be rude to of me to rebuff her questions.
   I answer, “It can give you great insight into your personality. You can also use your chart to study transits, synnastry…”

Book 2 - Ariel and the Lady of the House

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