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The Restless - Book II
Ashes in the Grave
by Will Molinar


The land has spent the last five years rebuilding after the devastation left in the vampire Ravenholt’s wake. Into this vacuum steps an even greater threat in the form of wight lord, Hector Brightblade.  Meanwhile, Commander Barrobos Dyvasky must come to terms with a dark facet of his past.

From Ashes in the Grave...

   His chief concern lay with the potential to fall into the same pit of despair as had Marcus Ravenholt. It was an easy thing to do after so many centuries, to fall prey to boredom and apathy. A life of immortality needed purpose much more so than a mortal one.
   So Hector needed some reason to continue his existence. If he failed in that task, he would wind up right where the vampire had: consumed by his inner demons and destroyed by his enemies. Hector would not let that happen to him. His purpose was to rule. The seat of his power amongst his undead brethren was secure and unquestioned. The only thing uncertain was just how far his reach could extend.
   The human lands would never – could never – accept him as their monarch, no matter how much power he held. He was an abhorrent creature, fit for a nightmare. The only way one of his kind could ever hope to rule them was to conquer them in a military fashion, destroying their defenses and bashing down their walls.
   Or was it?

Book 3 - Echoes in the Night

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