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2nd Edition

by Ross Richdale


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Astrid Stowell moves to New  Zealand to live with her grandfather after her mother dies. Intrigue and tragedy mix as Astrid makes new friends and learns to love again.

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From Astrid's Coast...

   Astrid looked at her companion. "Don't you see, Jaden? The breakwater and other harbor facilities are all built to protect the bay from storm waters coming from the north or west. There is nothing to protect Ocean Beach at all."
   "It's sheltered by Shark's Mouth Point. That's a natural protection."
   "From the wind and rain, but the waves sweep around the point." She grimaced. "I know. I was caught in it going the other way last summer. Now if there was a gigantic storm, you know one of those fifty year cyclones, the waves could hit the point and be twisted around it in a circle."
   Jaden nodded. "I think I understand."
   "The waves won't be stopped by any of the rocks or breakwater but will plunge straight into the sand dunes. If they're powerful enough they'll go straight through."

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