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Vol. II
At Hell's Gate
by Stacy Thowe

~ Available in Paperback ~

The Heavenly Army is faced with losing one of its most courageous leaders, Michael. The Guardians plan a rescue never before attempted as they travel through the Gates of Hell, led by the one person who can bring Michael back… the mortal, Alexandria. But will her love be enough to save him?

From The Guardians: At Hell's Gate...
I cried out to the Heavens, if there were such a place. I heard nothing but silence. I turned to Paul, who stood there, his eyes closed, frozen. He did not know of the hate in my heart. How could he? His presence here was for nothing.

   I – like my sweet Alexandria – had given up. Yet, I would rather die than spend the rest of eternity in Hell, serving the likes of these. “Take me, Oh Lord,” I cried out. “Take me and spare the rest. I deserve this, they do not.”
   Again, silence…
   Lilith stood on a pedestal across the quarry, facing us. One by one, each of the Guardians would be questioned. Each would seal their fate at the hands of these demons. She would leave me for last. I would have no choice. My heart would be replaced with the blood stone and Michael would be no more. At least not the Michael they had once known.

Vol. III - And the Blood Stone

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