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Book 1
2nd Edition
by Paula Bates



Akana, a priestess in the Temple of the Great Goddess, reveals the crucial role she came to play at the end of the existence of the mythical island of Atlantis.





From The Atlantean Legacy...

  Akana had never heard any of this before and was reluctant to believe it. Would the government really have withheld such crucial information from their people? It seemed so disloyal. And yet – it would explain so much of what had happened in their history.
   “Here on the main island, we’re still protected by the energy shield set up thousands of years ago,” the pilot continued. “Since it’s been in place so long, we take it for granted we’ll always be safe. But I’m telling you that if we let down our guard for a moment, infiltration by the Sons of Darkness is inevitable. They are always there calculating, probing for our weak spots. Most of our citizens are overly trusting, which I think is setting ourselves up for disaster. I’m not the only one who feels this way. You have, of course, heard the predictions being made about the coming apocalypse? The idea that Atlantis will sink entirely into the ocean?”
   “Everyone knows those are just
stories,” Akana retorted. “No one really believes them.”
   “What if they aren’t just stories?” the pilot challenged. “What if they prove to be correct?”

Book 2 - Atlantean Echoes (2nd Ed.)

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