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by Leland Smithson

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When Margan’s childhood friend sends her a letter out of the blue asking if she can visit, knowing of Aurelia’s recent breakdown, Margana hesitantly agrees. When Aurelia discovers a pathway into the afterlife through the symbolism of an old cathedral, her girlfriend, Margana, tries to save her.

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From Aurelia's Fountain...

She was studying me as I turned to regard the surroundings in more detail. The multi-colored floor sits bathed in a dark, almost blood red, violet light. It bares other qualities difficult to describe. The individual stones seem alive somehow, as if brightened by some interior light, their hues fluctuating with the weather outside. As I look up, the radiance of the colored glass softens and merges with the line of arches and columns around me, creating a single sinewy whole transforming the Transept sides into a massive luminous wall.

“This light is found nowhere else. It is part of everything you see and touch here and portends the supernatural beyond our senses.”

I turned and stared at her, mesmerized by the dramatic image. “Do you really believe that, Aurelia?”

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