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Hayton County Supernatural Series
Book 2

by Margaret Marr


A banshee screams in the night, delivering a warning to four teenagers bent on uncovering what is going on in the mountains of Hayton County. Unnatural creatures roam the hills. If they don't back off, death may soon follow.


   Abe stood on the porch like a silent sentinel until the window across the way went dark.
   When he came for her, would he hear her screams and be able to get to her in time? A lot of sleepless nights lay ahead of him simply because he wanted a friend.
    Mandy and Simon covered their ears until she stopped.
   “What do you know about screaming ghosts?” Simon asked as he dropped his hands from his ears with a shudder.
   “I don’t think this is a ghost.”
   “What is it then?”
   “I think it’s a banshee.”
   “A what?”
   “Banshee. They wail outside someone’s home when one of the occupants is about to…” Mandy stopped and sent Simon a panicked look. Don’t you dare finish that sentence!
   “About to what?”
   Mandy looked from the banshee then back at Simon. “Nothing. Never mind.”
   “Don’t you never mind me. What does she want?”
 Mandy blew out a breath. “It’s a death wail. Someone in your house is about to die.”

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