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Murder in Mayberry
Barney's Return

by I.M. Tillerman

~ Available in Paperback ~

In the final book of the Murder in Mayberry trilogy, while Jason struggles to accept his recent divorce, Barney Fife returns to Mayberry to claim Jason’s job as Sheriff Taylor’s full-time deputy.  When one of Mayberry’s oldest, most disliked citizens is gruesomely murdered, the Sheriff’s Office swings into action.

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From Murder in Mayberry: Barney's Return...

   I leaned backwards until my head touched a mound of hay; resting on the coarse, green pillow, my gourd pounding, I closed my eyes momentarily and prayed to God for the strength and stamina to do what I, even as dilettante deputy, was compelled by law to do: My duty.
Because the sun was shining on the opposite side of the floppy ragdoll, I could not make out any specifics about its dark side, which I was seeing from the scuttle hole. I brought my legs up out of the hole, rolled over on all fours, and rose cautiously to my feet. I now knew, in my heart of heart, that it was, in fact, a body hanging by the neck from one of the four slender fingers of the partially lowered claws of the large hay fork. The corpse, or so I presumed it to be, dangled with its feet about six feet from the floor. Someone had set up an eight-foot, aluminum stepladder next to the body’s rotating feet, but I wasn’t sure why.

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