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by Michael David



Michael Jay takes a spiritual journey from Walla Walla, Washington, into the world of meditation, Eastern mysticism, and...Maui!

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From Before Banana Patch...

   My parents came to Wally world in 1947. I had a good family life growing up there with two parents who stayed married and committed to one another, even through those teenage years when my brothers and I gave our parents the most heartburn.
   I was eternally grateful that I had brothers to share the pleasures and pains of growing up together. Since I was the eldest, there was a lot of pressure on me to set a good example, and I did just that, at least while my parents were watching.
   But when they were gone, I threw off my halo like one tossing a Frisbee, and the horns of mischief would crop up and replace my self-proclaimed angelic aura. I became a fallen angel, and as such I would tease" the hell out of my brothers. Looking back on it now, my teasing was probably just a perverted way of saying "I love you all," but I doubt my brothers saw it that way. How do you ask one to excuse the inexcusable?

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