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In a Single Bound - Book 2
by I.M. Tillerman


In Book Two of this trilogy about a farm boy who learns at age eight that he can fly, Jongen moves to the city. In this new setting, he must learn, both as a teenager and a young man in Marine Corps Boot Camp, how and when to use his gift.

From Beginning's End...

Like a man with Parkinson’s disease, both his arms and legs trembling, he stepped gingerly over to the rung just below the eaves. Just as his left athletic shoe was about to find home, something circular passed overhead, darkening the property momentarily. He felt a tingle in his spine just before his left foot, too far out on the rung, slipped past it, and half his weight propelled him down to the next rung. Sliding past it as well, he desperately grabbed the top of the ladder with both hands. His weight distributed cockeyed on the aluminum structure, he began to slide to his right, dragging the ladder with him, his hand eventually halting the progress of the sideways descent as it was pinched between the upper leg of the ladder and the eaves. As he hung suspended for a time, his scrunched fingers screaming in pain, the aluminum lifeline angling off to his left at about 45, the stars reappeared and gave him ample light to see that the distance to the patio, only about three feet from the bottom of his shoes, was not the true hazard, should he decide simply to drop to the concrete.

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