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by Steven Staples

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Rebecca wakes up in an alley… alone… a stranger to her surroundings… to  herself. How will she recover her memory and what made her lose it at all? What will her search for the truth yield? And who is behind the most terrible deeds that resulted in her amnesia?

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From Bio-Ironics...

Several hours went by and still no pickup. She had a feeling that something would be changing, judging from the way she could feel her heart rate picking up steadily between periodically trying to calm herself down. “How long is this going to take?” Does he really love her?

She still believed this to be just a dream, until the woman she was inhabiting knelt down in front of the very puddle she woke up to see her reflection in. Seeing the face gazing back at her, she was hit with the realization… That’s ME?! Holy shit… This DID happen!

It was then that she realized this wasn’t just a dream – it was a memory. Upon this realization, it started to rain and she watched her reflection get riddled with ripples and soon become too blurry to see. As she felt the subtle rain play a symphony on her backside, her eyes started closing. The last thing she whispered before fading into unconsciousness was, “Hurry…”

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