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by Beth Szillagyi


Amber discovers by accident one day while brushing her dog that the sparrows are picking up the dog hair that blows into the yard, and she embarks on an experiment about what other things birds use for their nests. 

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From Bird's Nest Soup...

   Amber loved to watch the birds in her back yard. She had gotten into the habit with her dad, Bill, and her step mom, Ellen. They had put out four different kinds of bird feeders and a birdbath for their feathery friends. They planted holly, viburnum, and barberry bushes because those bushes had berries on them to attract the birds. 
   Indeed, the girl had learned a lot about birds from her vigils at the picnic table out back. She observed that sparrows and starlings were the least picky about what they ate, reminding her of her brother Danny who had two hollow legs.
   Cardinals, on the other hand, were more picky, wanting only the sun flower seeds. The cardinals were beautiful red birds and would often be the last ones at the feeders in the evening, but Amber could never get very close to them even though she tried.

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