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Hawkman - Book 5
by Betty Sullian La Pierre

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Intrique & mystery! More than a game ensues when Destiny Wilson disappears from the White Oaks Bingo hall. Her father, Jesse, seeks the help of Hawkman and the hunt is on...

From Blackout...

   "I'll be at your place within two to three hours. Meanwhile, I want you to call Detective Williams and file a missing person's report. He may tell you it's too soon, but you tell him Hawkman told you to."
   "Okay," he said, coughing.
   He figured the old man would use any means to cover his brimming emotions. "Jesse, we'll find her."
   "Yeah, but how?" His tone flattened. "Dead or alive?"
   Giving him a few moments, Hawkman cleared his throat. "Keep the prayers going. I'll see you soon."
   "If anyone has hurt my Destiny, they'll have to deal with me."
   Then the line went dead.

Book 6 - Diamonds AREN'T Forever

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