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Black Swan
Book 3
by Joe Freitus



In the terrible winter of 1778-79, the town of Colebrook weathered the harsh winter only to have a black schooner known as the Black Swan appear and bombard them. Seeking revenge, Aaron Tarbell and Josiah Fitch hunt the schooner in the northern waters of Nova Scotia.


From Yankee Privateers: Black Swan...

  Captain Evans was sitting near the fireplace sipping some warmed rum when he was stunned to hear cannons systematically firing one round after the next.
   “Your people practicing at this time of the night, Captain, eh?” Mister Literri asked, cocking his ear toward the sound.
   “No Monsieur Literri, I gave no such orders.” Evans placed his mug of rum on a nearby table and reached for his great coat.
   “Ah, then something is amiss?”
   “Oui monsieur, something is definitely amiss.”    Evans opened the door. Noting the light rain, he pulled the collar about his neck and hurried through the alley that led to the waterfront. As he passed a house on his right, it suddenly exploded, sending fragments of stone crashing into the narrow alleyway, throwing him facedown against a stone wall. Dazed, he felt the flying bits of wreckage slam against his back. The impact knocked the wind from his lungs. Recovering his breath, he struggled to his feet, regained his balance, then headed for the Black Swan, which was his primary concern. Who would dare such a raid, he contemplated, who?

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