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Torment - Book 1
by Will Molinar


Not all is well within the kingdom. Some  insidious force is at work in the deepest levels of the castle and surrounding land, corrupting everything the people hold dear. But there are those that would fight the terror, doing all they can to combat not only the forces from without but the internal strife going on within themselves.  

From Blasphemous...

   Jaqueline had the dream again.
   Only this time, instead of a doe it was her brother Janner she found in a green field surrounded by flowers. He looked as he did years ago when Jaqueline was a young girl, all fresh and youthful and smiling. His clean-shaven face was shiny and gleamed in the beautiful sunlight.
   When he saw her, he smiled. She smiled back and ran to him. She grabbed his hands and they started spinning in a circle together, laughing and giggling. They danced together in the sunlight and it felt wonderful.
   Jaqueline laughed and broke away from her older brother. She ran, hoping he would chase her, but when he did not follow, she stopped and faced him. He stared at her with a sad look on his face.
   “Oh, I have missed you so, little sister,” he said.
   “Jan, what do you mean, silly? I am right here. Why have you missed me?”

Book 2 - Descendent

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