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A Chris Black Adventure

by James Lindholm


Chris Black, still recovering from the events of Into a Canyon Deep, has come to Cape Town to dive on a research project deep in False Bay. Black and his colleagues will once again find themselves immersed in violent intrigue above and below the ocean's surface.

From Blood Cold...

Michael was lying such that his face was directed toward the stern of the boat, and his head was nestled under the lip of the rear gunwale. He couldn’t see anything. As the boat launched off the next swell, de Klerk took advantage of his status to shift his body. When he landed, he was facing toward the cabin of the small boat. The door to the wheelhouse was closed and he could not see over it, so there could be any number of people inside.

He could see things more clearly now. The gradually increasing ambient light around the boat told him it was near dawn, though precisely which day was dawning was unclear to him. There were two five-gallon buckets sitting against the gunwale to his left, each had five or six very large hooks hanging around its perimeter. He thought he could smell an odor of fish coming from the buckets, but he wasn’t sure.

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