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Buying the Bangkok Girl
by Phil Smith

~ Available in Paperback ~


Take a recent college graduate, a rich widow who can manipulate objects mentally, and a tough-as-nails ex-prostitute from Thailand, and what do you get? A murder-mystery that is also an excursion through the gambling industry and a race for life in the San Gabriel Mountains.

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From Buying the Bangkok Girl...

  Debbie chuckled. “A fantasy adventure with no swords, no battles, no dragons, no galloping horses, and none of the other standard items?”
   “I haven’t seen any dragons recently, unless mister dripper qualifies.” Eleanor was laughing too.
   “Metaphorical dragons do not count. The rules are very clear on this point.”
   “But the rules do not require dragons?”
   “Of course not. There might be elves instead.”
   “Or wizards or witches?”
   “I suppose that it is crucial that the wizard—or witch—be able to do things.”
   “Well, of course.”
   “There it is, then. I have, quite without looking for it, fallen in with a witch.”
   “No one has ever called me that before. Except Chandra, because I wouldn’t let her wear makeup in fourth grade.”
   “I hope no one ever will again. But you are able to do things, and it is the function that matters. Therefore, if you want to know how I might get on in a fantasy adventure, all you need do is observe how I actually do get on. I am living a fantasy adventure.”

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