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by Lisa Scordino and Andrea Miminas


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Do you l ike candy? Whatever your poison - be it gum, pops, sours or chocolate - there's something for you in Candy Connoisseurs' Encyclopedia! Written by candy freaks for candy freaks, our ever-growing collection of reviews are funny, light-hearted and informative.

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From Candy Connoisseurs' Encyclopedia...

Wonka’s Stretchy & Tangy Laffy Taffy

Distributed by Nestle USA Inc. The Willy Wonka Candy Factory, Itasca Il 60143; 1-800-358-1971 M-F 8am-8pm Eastern Time;

Description: Jazzberry Blue Raspberry

While the stretchiness and overall consistency of this confection were great, this treat didn’t quite do it for Andrea because of what she referred to as, ‘puke-y saltwater taffy-ness’. Lisa, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the verrry crrreamy flavour but the interesting hue of blue used in the packaging garnered kudos from the both of us. Behind the scenes, attacking the taste buds was a decent rendition of blueberry flavour with just the right amount of jazz. When it came down to the rating we simply couldn’t come to an agreement so we split the difference in our respective ratings to come up with the official number.

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