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by Nancy S. Mure
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When another caterpillar informs Nelle that they must turn into butterflies, Nelle resists the change. But when Franny reappears as a beautiful  monarch butterfly, she motivates her feeble friend with a single phrase - you only have to ant to change.  Once a butterfly, Nelle realizes that change is often better than expected.

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From The Caterpillar That Wouldn't Change...

   The next morning as they inches along, Franny said to Nelle, “Some day we’ll turn into butterflies.”
   “What do you mean?” Nelle stopped so quickly her body turned into a high upside-down U.
   “We grow until it’s time to change,” Franny told her as she started to munch on a leaf. “Change? Do I really have to change?” Nelle asked.
   “You must. That’s what caterpillars do,” said Franny.
   “Why?” asked Nelle.
   “Because you can grow and change. Wouldn’t you like to be a beautiful butterfly some day?”
   “I want to stay the way I am,” Nelle insisted with a bounce of her antennae. Franny huffed and crept along.

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