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Hawkman - Book 7
by Betty Sullian La Pierre

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When it's discovered that Burke Parker might have been poisoned, the suspicion falls on his wife, his daughter, and Maduk, the Indian who is his daughter's biological father.  Hawkman finds himself dealing with an Indian who's killed once before, and an abused daughter and wife, all who have excellent motives for  murder.

From Cause for Murder...

   She shut off the noise maker and put a hand on her hip. “Hawkman, if it weren’t for women, men would live in pigsties. And not only that, there wouldn’t be any birthday celebrations, no Easter bunny, no tooth fairies and probably no Christmas if it were left up to the male population.”
   He looked at her with furrowed brows. “What brought that on? I didn’t say anything about holidays. I just wanted to read the morning paper in peace.”
   She waved her hand and flipped on the vacuum. Hawkman finally exited to the deck. He’d no more gotten comfortable on a lounge chair than Pretty Girl let out several loud squawks from the aviary.
   Hawkman glanced at the falcon. “Good Lord, what’s with you females today? Can’t a man have a little peace and quiet?”

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