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Poetry by Mary W. Jensen


CHIAROSCURO is a poetry book about the contrast and balance between light and dark. It’s a journey through a crumbling world that leaves a gritty taste. It shines light on the edge of awareness where dark magic wars with childish innocence.

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From Chiaroscuro...

Spilled Ink Across the Page

My soul bleeds out in verse,
Spilled ink across the page,
Until the aches disperse.

Your words stay with me as a curse,
My heart entrapped inside a cage,
My soul bleeds out in verse.

We won't converse
Or otherwise engage
Until the aches disperse.

In these words I shall immerse
Conflicts of passion and of rage--
My soul bleeds out in verse.

Darkness seeps out to traverse
Notebook of a scornful sage,
Until the aches disperse.

I yearn for you to reimburse
Me for the grief I've felt this age.
My soul bleeds out in verse,
Until the aches disperse.

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