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A New Generation
by Effie Hadzis


CHILDREN OF NOW AND BEYOND is a book geared to create an awareness of the influx of Indigo and Crystal Children being born in large numbers onto the planet since the 1980’s. They are a new generation of children with specific personality traits that will be the great transformers of this new humanity, acting as a bridge to a new form of consciousness. But only if we learn how to listen to them.

From Children of Now and Beyond...

 Indigo children are those who possess an energy pattern never seen before, and one that might very well alter the human race as they grow up and permeate every facet of our social, political, and financial structures. Rather than obstruct them or hinder them with drugs, Effie suggests society learn to understand them and the many gifts they bring to the world. Through her exhaustive research, keen perception, sensitivity and analytical mind, Effie has defined the essence of these Indigos and a method by which we can nurture both them and ourselves. Is your child an Indigo or a Crystal? Reading this book may give you the answer.

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