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by Trish Dozier

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Meet Middle, a layered rarity of a woman who determined that she couldn't be that unique, and decided to unfold herself by pasting the naked-nonfiction of her life against self-preservation.

From Circleforks...

   I could never allow silence beyond the normal “pause” effect, as that only allowed each player to stockpile ammunition. As long as I could keep controlled flow, mindless chatter, a sense of nothingness as my backdrop, I could digest the sour sarcasm sprawled across Difficult’s face and the white-hot vague one-liners springing from the Idiot induced airwaves. I could deal with each one in more detail later while they pounded me with their ‘Be on my side!’ recruitment and ‘How could you not be on my side?!’ hostility.
   Accidentally hanging up worked when Difficult would look away and my fingers were quick enough. However, I could only do that so many times without looking like a complete fool. Despite Difficult’s demeanor, she was still my boss. The loyalty decision would have been simple if I wasn’t already suffering from this whole, well, middle thing.
   I asked him to repeat the codes that he needed. Business as usual.

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