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Teadai Prophecies - Book 3
by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~

Grieving Gypsy and Sage kin continue searching for a way to save their world. But the yellow-eyed woman hides somewhere in the darkness, waiting, and she won't be sated until she overpowers them all.

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From City of Gods...

   “Five coppers,” the woman behind her said in an accent as she placed hands on the little one’s shoulders. “She know how to please a man.”
   Cass held her tongue and glanced at the men. Snowy shook his head. Thad grunted and gave an angry look to the woman who held her hand out for coins. The woman realized no one wanted the girl so she hauled her off in another direction.
   “That’s disgusting,” Maesa said. No one argued.
   Cass’s face flared with heat. No wonder her father came here, with tidbit girls for the taking. She cursed under her breath and squeezed her belt knife until her fingers went numb. Thad studied her but didn’t say anything. The way she felt, she might have taken his head off if he’d uttered a single word. He wasn’t like her root father. None of the Gypsies were like that awful man. But that didn’t curb her rage.

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