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by Bobby R. Woodall

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In 1879, a small town in the Indian Territory is robbed by a murderer who has just escaped execution. The town springs in to action and quickly forms a posse – an aged sheriff, a retired Pinkerton Operative, an Indian scout, and the bank’s president, who has secretly embezzled all of the town’s money.

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From Clearwater...

   The two intruders came in the back door and started toward the front. They came abreast of where David was hiding. David reached out and grabbed the back one by the throat, as he reached down and pulled the man’s gun out of his holster.
   "What . . . !"
   "Now, what would you boys be up too?" David asked in a menacing voice, pulling the hammer back on his gun and pointing at the one in front, who had whirled around to see his partner held by a stranger. This man had a gun thrust unceremoniously under his partner’s ear. The barrel of this gun never wavered, nor did the hand that held it.
   The hostage David was holding immediately wet his trousers and fainted. David threw this one to the floor in disgust. Still pointing the weapon, he looked at the one still standing.

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