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The Adventures of a Very Wicked Stepmother
by Beth Szillagyi

~ Available in Paperback ~

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Val Szabo thought being the first woman sheet metal worker in her local community was a tough job. As it turns out, being the "wicked" stepmother to two kids is the hardest thing she's tackled yet.

From Cobwebs in the Broiler...

   "I had been wondering why I’d even signed up for this stupid tournament, since I’m pretty tired of bowling," he said, letting go of neither her hand nor her eyes. "Then it became abundantly clear when you walked down there to get ready to bowl . . . and this is NOT one of those come ons. Did you feel it, too? No, let me answer for you. I know you did."
   In response, and completely surprising the living hell out of her (but only temporarily!), she reached up and clasped her hands around his neck, drawing him down to where she could taste that smiling, playful mouth.
   Oh, she could get lost in this! She was that proverbial parched soul. Forgotten was her nasty divorce, forgotten was Asshole, forgotten were Amy Vanderbilt’s many books on manners, forgotten was all except for the fact that she wanted this man, whoever the hell he even was!
   Good lord, what was she doing?

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