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by Richard Madison


Sheriff Matt Henderson must defend his town of Cory, Ohio from the  invasion of a Mexican drug cartel. With the increasing frequency of murders in his own peaceful town, Matt and his department are under virtual siege from international criminals who would think nothing of murdering every man, woman and child who opposed their ugly scheme.

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From Coldfire...
   As Matt pulled out of the street and the darkness enveloped the car, he noticed that his headlamps provided the only light he could see. For the first time in his life, Matt Henderson, Marine sergeant, felt uneasy about what lurked in the darkness just outside of the lights that illuminated the road in front of him. Were the killers still in the area? How long until sunrise? He didn’t want to admit it, but these murders had shaken him. More than that, he knew it had shaken his confidence in the safety of their relatively quiet little corner of the world.
   Was this shit storm coming to his hometown? The thought was disquieting. He adjusted his posture and instinctively felt for the .45 automatic on his hip. “If it does, I will be ready. Whoever they are, they won’t fuck up any more of my people.”

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