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by Brenda Roberts


A triad of female warriors bound together as a family, committed in union to one another and to the two males who are staying at home in their village. This is the tale of their adventures; their training and bonding while becoming the personal staff of the Empress of their Motherland.


From A Cold North Wind...

My musings traveled to the long distant past, when it was unheard of for a couple to choose males together. Males were usually selected after the joined pair won their places as warriors. Once the joining had occurred, the couple would live, love, and breed together as a family. It was rare, in this day, that young women chose the path of the warrior. Theirs was a hard life. They would have one house together here in the community and would travel the country as directed by the leader of the warriors. The warriors had common houses in all the large cities in the Motherland, but their males would stay home and tend to their herds, raise their male children, and the female children would be placed in homes with their mother's families until they reached the age of five, and then be placed in foster homes by the joined couple.

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