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Samantha Matijevic Chronicles
Book 2

by S.K. Smith


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Would-be messiah Bill Renfrew finds  nave college student Samantha Matijevic an easy mark in the uncertain 1970s.


From The Colter Church Conspiracy...

   Aaron tried to smooth over this uncomfortable situation. “My father is pastor of the New Testament Fundamentalist Temple.”
   Sandy let out a short breath. “Fundamental?”
   “The New Testament Fundamentalist Temple,” Aaron repeated.
   “I’ve heard of Fundamentalists.” Sandy did not wish to give away too much of her past associations with them. Then she felt two pairs of eyes staring at her. They belonged to a young teenage boy and girl, wearing wide grins on their big faces.
   Pastor Renfrew rattled off his usual spiel. “We are a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible preaching, fundamental, evangelical, pre-millennial, New Testament church.”

Book 3 - STC: Satellite Test Center

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