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The Rememberances of Mary Magdalene

by Joanne Amorosi


Throughout time, many men and women have interpreted the Biblical portrayal of Mary Magdalene, and theorized about her relationship with Jesus. Now, in Come Walk with Me readers can learn the real story about the woman in red from the soul that experienced one of her incarnated lives as Mary Magdalene herself.

From About Come Walk With Me...

  The Greek islands have always been beautiful and mystical. I would go and sit on the sand and watch the water and listen to the sounds of the sea. I would have conversations with the fish, the birds and with myself. I would lie back on the cool beach and listen to my heart beat. I would dream about my future and about living in a big city, away from the smell of dead fish and noisy carts in the street.
   One day, while lying by the shore trying to get out of helping my sister to prepare the evening meal, I asked God, “What will become of me? Will I ever leave this place?’
   Then the most amazing thing happened. He, or someone who appeared to have a man’s voice, answered me with, “Yes, my child, you will travel all over the world to far and distant places. You will have children and a challenging life, you will experience a great and wonderful love. And you will never be forgotten.”

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