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Warders - Book 2
The Counterfeit Count
by Armen Pogharian


Adara dreams of joining the Warders, a secret society that protects Eridan.  During her field exam in allied Creuse, she spies her trainer Geren attacking local guards. Is it part of her test? To find out, she enters the dangerous world of Creusean politics with two runaway children as guides.


From The Counterfeit Count...

   Unfazed, the wraith-serpent continued lowering its gaping maw toward Geren’s head.    Leoric threw another stone, scoring another direct hit. Again the stone passed through the wraith-serpent’s head and smacked the wall. “Blast you, Nemus, you traitorous pile of steaming goat dung!”  
   As the echoes of Leoric’s anger began to fade, a glowing ball of blue light appeared in the cell. Descending from the ceiling, it morphed into the form of a large owl. Silently, the owl swooped toward the snake with its talons poised to strike. Intent upon devouring Geren’s soul, the wraith-serpent didn’t notice its new attacker until it was too late. The owl’s claws struck the ghostly snake at the base of its skull. Unlike Leoric’s stones, the talons tore through the scales and grasped the ethereal flesh. Small rivulets of sickly green ichor ran over the black and red coils. The wraith-serpent threw back its head. In a whip-like motion it quickly snapped its body forward, but the owl maintained its grip. The snake thrashed from side to side, sending droplets of its green ichor flying throughout the cell.

Book 3 - Dragon's Den

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