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Hayton County Supernatural Series
Book 1

by Margaret Marr

On the day Mandy Jensen receives a picture of a creepy looking creature crouched deep in the woods, she meets Abe Abernathy, who is running from a mysterious past. Together the unlikely pair team up to investigate the creature. What they find is a whole mess of trouble.


   Abe stood on the porch like a silent sentinel until the window across the way went dark.
   When he came for her, would he hear her screams and be able to get to her in time? A lot of sleepless nights lay ahead of him simply because he wanted a friend.
   I won’t allow anything to happen to her. Not this time. Not again. Not ever.
   A crack of thunder startled him out of his morbid thoughts. A flash of lightning lit up the yard, illuminating a dark figure at the edge of the trees. A fear-ridden thump hit Abe’s chest wall.
   Abe moved toward the steps and paused. Another flash of lightning lit up an empty yard. Whatever had been there was gone. Maybe he hadn’t even seen anything. 
   Oh please. His silent prayer drifted through the darkness.

Book 2 - Banshee

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