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Broken Covenant - Bk III
by J.S. Bradford


A beautiful CIA officer hacks a vast cache of digital files documenting years of unreported clergy abuse and soon becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign.

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From Curse of the Covenant...

   Doctor Punjabi immediately commenced a series of tests to evaluate vital signs, stepping back momentarily as a nurse pushed her way in to cut away the patient’s clothing to determine the source of profuse bleeding in his groin area. The nurse performing this function cast aside the man’s blood-soaked pants and gasped.
   “Yes, what is it?” demanded Doctor Punjabi, impatiently stepping in to get a closer look.
She stared at the mutilated tissue, took a deep breath, swabbed aside a puddle of accumulated blood, and probed tentatively with her gloved fingers. Lifting and shifting what remained of the scrotal cavity to examine the wound closer, Punjabi then succinctly announced her findings for the record. “The patient, a Catholic priest, assuming his clothing is a reliable indicator of his profession, has, from all outward manifestations, been castrated, reducing him to the status of an eunuch."

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