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The Boomer Faces 50
by John Ronan


Whether you were born in the 50's or know someone who is, you will enjoy this nostalgic book about those who are known as the 'baby boomers.' Check out major news events that occurred in the 1950's; see what celebrities share your birthday; take quizzes, review films
and novels, read short stories and
much more.

From Damned If I Dotage...

As for middle age, that bumpy approach path to the Boomer Beyond, give it the same treatment. Don't think of your ‘pre-geezer’ years. Rather, an extended ‘medication consultation’ brought on by ‘body image issues’ and mild ‘biofeedback dysfunction.

’The only way to deal with age and death anxiety is to laugh! So, this is a Fun Book, boys and girls; pages loosely divided into five sections of death-defying lines, lists, quizzes and general guff. Use the material for meditations, put-downs, T-shirts, bumper stickers, song titles, boat names, obit entries, or bathroom graffiti.

So, where were you when Rick (son of the great and powerful Oz) died?* You should remember! Rick's death was one of those pop-culture markers that signal the passing of a mythic age, an event rivaled only by the deaths of Lennon and Belushi, or, more recently, Jerry, The Mick, and Frank. If not the end of peace, it was certainly a warning from Father Time: your days as a hormone happening are numbered!

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