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The Darkest Day
Book 3
by Armen Pogharian

~ Available in Paperback ~

Penny and her allies must defeat the Bodach, restore the integrity of the dimensional fabrics and prevent the new entities from unleashing the apocalypse of The Darkest Day.

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From Misaligned: The Darkest Day...

It all started with her overthrow by her subordinates. That type of thing happened all the time in the fifth dimension. No Prime Principal ever gave up the supreme power willingly. Most were taken down by those they mistakenly trusted. That’s how she had eliminated her mentor. To prevent just such an occurrence, she surrounded herself with a cadre of sycophants who posed no threat to her absolute control. Everything went according to plan... until an unknown lower member of the Association stumbled onto the idea of creating a portal into the lower dimensions.

The taste of power the portal gave the others woke the possibility of treason within their hearts. Her minions broke the yoke of her power and banished her to the lower dimensions. She retained god-like power, but she was powerless to return home.

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