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by Alayna Carew



A merciless warlord murders Kiku’s husband and destroys her fortress, plunging her into a life of sexual servitude in a silk-lined cell. In the harem, she fights the machinations of a love-struck eunuch intent upon transforming her into the whore the Nobunaga desires.

From Dark Illusions...

  A monster invaded her dreams, a monster as frightening as a Vairocana and just as bloodthirsty; a demon in the shape of a man.
  Though wide awake, she could still see the headless bodies of warriors and friends scattered across a dusty plain. Once more, the sight of her Father’s head hanging like a trophy on a golden stake made her retch.
  Takasada roused beside her. Even in his sleep, it seemed as though he could sense something distressed his wife. He cradled her in his muscular arms and asked, “Bad dreams?”
  “Of matters best forgotten,” she said.
  “The nightmare returned?”
  “In all of its gory splendor.”
  “And he who invaded your life before….”
  “… returns once more.”

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