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by Margaret Marr


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From Dark Secrets of the Heart...

   Chris lifted my chin and wiped away a tear with his thumb. “Hey, what’s this?”
   “Nothing,” I said and attempted to pull away.
   He gave me his special smile full of love; the one meant only for me, and then kissed me lightly on the lips. “Hey, kiddo, I’ll be home for Christmas,” he said.
   “Yeah, here with you where my heart is.” He ruffled my hair, picked up his suitcase and let himself out. “Hey, I’ll bring my Mom out this year,” he called from the car.
   I stared down the road long after he had disappeared from sight. Somehow I’d gotten in; broken through the wall around his heart. I suspected I’d broken through a long time ago, but didn’t know it. I’m one of the lucky few who will ever get that close. So why did I have this feeling of dread whenever he left me?

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