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by William Cole

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Those who dare to drive down Decatur Road at night are safe as long as they don’t turn on their radio. And when a violent storm hits Medforth and shakes up more than the local residents, it also awakens the dead.

From Dead Crazy...

   Two terrifying muffled moans came through the soil as two cadavers broke the surface soil of their grave in a morbid embrace from their double grave. Another cadaver was sitting up in his grave when the electricity shot over his head then surrounded his body, completing the circuit, then its eyes suddenly opened like raising a doll from its crib. The cadaver continued to violently shake in its own electrical spasm until the electricity died down. A smell of burned clothing, hair and whatever was left of the cadaver filled the air.
   After the gusty winds had subsided, a cool breeze remained in the air that helped bring a rapidly rolling fog. The fog at first seemed self-contained within the boundaries of the surrounding gates of the cemetery that ran along the deserted Route 3 before it spread beyond its perimeter.
   Birds of the night began to sing and chirp within the cemetery as if they too had been awakened from their slumber.

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