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60 Poems of Temporal Death and Everlasting Life
by Patrick P. Stafford


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DEATHLESSNESS is a collection of poetry covering the experiences of life's many travails, including death  itself, as well as suffering the aftermath of those who lose to death.


From Deathlessness...


I know the quiet face of death
Speak to me through foreign darkness,
Marked with grim, limbless brows of hate
Dispelled of hope and unfelled breath,
Breathed by twilights bleak and sparkless
All those who trust in causeless fate!

I believe and follow desire,
The majesty of self and one,
The faith of my immortal soul,
And all those terrors I expire
And wait to melt beneath the sun
Less of reason, without control.

Gone without hope, empty of cause,
Abundant with rage--in its face!
Marked with grim, limbless brows of hate!
I feel my God, I see Him pause
For one last, brief, loveless embrace...
All those who trust in causeless fate.

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