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by Christopher J. Kurtz., PhD

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DEMONS & MADMEN examines the phenomenon of serial murder through new theories and case studies of some of the most destructive murderers of
modern times.

From Demons & Madmen...

Most serial killers are lazy, inadequate personalities who are entrenched in self-pity and self-destructive activities. They regard women with feelings of hostility and suspicion because they don't feel worthy of their attention. On the other hand, their contorted self-image leads them to believe that they are irresistible to women at the same time. If the serial killer does marry or have a long-term relationship with a woman, it is usually with a woman who is passive. The serial killer is also an unfaithful spouse or lover because he continues to attempt extra-marital relationships that are used to reinforce his belief that he is God's gift to women. At the same time, he must ensure that his spouse or girlfriend remains faithful to him. Otherwise his self-image would be destroyed. If the spouse or girlfriend turns out to be unfaithful at some stage of the relationship, the serial killer will react violently against them. He does not murder them, though, because of the association between them, which would violate one of the commandments of serial murder - Thou Shalt Not Kill Anyone You Know.

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