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Warders - Book 5

by Armen Pogharian


To uncover the secret powers of their dark elven ancestors, an elven cult releases the undead spirit of an ancient sorceress. Can the Warders work with former allies and enemies to defeat the banshee and prevent the rise of a new dark elven overlord?

From Demon's Debt...

Something was wrong. Neither looked the least bit agitated. Grech, known for releasing acrid vapors from his nostrils, ears, and other assorted orifices appeared completely calm. There wasn’t even a hint of sulphur in the air. His razor-sharp white teeth remained hidden behind black lips that cut a non-menacing crescent across his orange leathery face. Likewise, Sabo looked as if her Necromancer scheme had been a complete success. The purple blotched skin stretched over her skeletal frame gave off its normal smell of decomposing flesh mixed with a musty earthy aroma. More telling, all of her extremities were firmly attached. She even had all ten toes. That was never a good sign.

Book 6: The Pyramid's Puzzle

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